Provides Proactive and Predictive Insights on Retail Lending Data for Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Companies

Welcome to TrustStar!

We know that you need the latest market data and intelligence to close more loans, expand your business and better service your clients. In addition, the analysis of the data – that’s overwhelming.

Now TrustStar, developed using CognitiveScale’s Fabric platform and Certifai technology, automatically aggregates data and uses artificial intelligence to create insights that help you close more loans and service your local market better.

If you’re the Head of Mortgage Lending, Loan Officer, compliance officer, VP of marketing, VP Production or Chief Strategy Officer…TrustStar is the one tool you need to impact the bottom line.

Through alerts, notifications, and reports TrustStar empowers you with the market intelligence so you can better serve your customers.

Start every day with insights and alerts to:

  • Increase market penetration
  • Find hidden opportunities
  • Highlight mortgage application opportunities
  • Improve Loan Officer KPIs
  • Ensure compliance with Fair Lending practices
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Match customers with best products
  • Better serve your community

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