CognitiveScale Products

The CognitiveScale Cortex family of Trusted AI software helps businesses leverage machine intelligence to dramatically lower operational costs, transform digital experiences to increase sales and business agility, and reduce model and AI risk exposure.  Backed by over 165 patents, Cortex is being used by leading global brands in healthcare, financial services, and digital commerce across all environments — on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud.

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Cortex Fabric

Cortex Fabric is a low-code developer platform for automating the development and control of Trusted AI Applications. It provides a visual unified programming and operating environment to radically simplify the development, deployment and management of transparent and trusted enterprise AI systems on any cloud.

Cortex Certifai

Cortex Certifai is an industry optimized model intelligence platform that automatically monitors, detects and scores model quality and risks without requiring access to model internals and client IP.  Cortex Certifai works on almost all black box models and provides visibility and control for all your models no matter where they are deployed.

AI Applications

Cortex AI Applications are a family of goal-driven, AI-powered industry applications that help businesses dramatically lower operational costs, increase sales and business agility, and reduce risk exposure through AI powered intelligent automation. Cortex AI Applications are reusable and adaptable and can be accessed through leading cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud.