Infuse personalized decision intelligence into business processes,
and delight customers, optimize sales and boost revenue.

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The next generation of decision-making.

Businesses who use Artificial Intelligence to make contextualized decisions are using Decision Intelligence. Great insights equal great decision making, and personalization is how you get there.

But customer journeys are never linear and using past performance to predict future outcomes is ineffective.  Simply put, not all AI personalization is the same.

The key to getting it right is a rich customer profile, powered by AI that continuously learns. By capturing data throughout the journey, and across all touchpoints — email, web, and social activity, along with service history, transactions, demographics, and more, you build a fuller, more complete picture.

Only then, can you truly infuse predictive, proactive, and personalized decision intelligence into business processes.

Not all AI personalization is the same.

Businesses personalize interactions and outreach to be more relevant to their customer. If you ‘know’ me, then you can serve me products and services I want, exactly when I’m ready to buy.

But creating a comprehensive picture of your customer — capturing all the data and digital exhaust — is only part of it. Connecting with models that can derive insight from this data quickly and seamlessly too, that’s a gamechanger.

Hyper-personalization succeeds when you can collect the right information, connect with the right models for insight and deliver outreach in a way that converts faster, and more affordably.

If you’re not driving personalization with your customers at this level, you can bet they’re doing business with someone who is.


will give you some
of the information

  • Broad customer segments
  • Limited view of the customer
  • Inadequate personalization

Automated Rules

will get you half
way there

  • Automated personalization ‘engine’
  • Moderate view of customer, but limited insight
  • A/B rules-based only


gives you the
full picture

  • 3D customer profile
  • Deep understanding of customer and their ecosystem
  • Continuous learning

Meet Profile-of-One, our hyper-personalization superpower.

A key capability of the Cortex AI platform is Profile-of-One. Built using declared, observed and inferred customer data, the Profile-of-One is the engine behind infusing decision intelligence into customer acquisition, engagement and service with highly contextualized insights.

Each customer profile includes the data, models and rules engines that power AI solutions to deliver personalized, predictive and actionable insights.

Operationalize personalized insights with
the Cortex platform.

Bring together all the components you need to operationalize AI-powered personalization solutions. That’s multiple models, rules engines, and inferences that drive personalized insights.

Then, develop, maintain and improve your solutions. Refine the data, customer cohorts, models, rules and other input based on feedback and learning.

Here’s what hyper-personalization from CognitiveScale can do for you.

Acquire more.

Boost lead quality and secure new customers.

Forget about ‘batch and blast’ techniques, uncover unknowns for deeper knowledge and drive more relevant shopping experiences.

Serve unique, meaningful offers that lead to higher conversion rates and lower abandonment.





Engage smarter.

Move from reactive to proactive experiences.

Know the right channel, message and time to drive a contextual multichannel experience.

Deliver proactive interactions with existing customers, and build high impact sales activities, like cross-sell and up-sell campaigns that get results.





Serve better.

Delight loyal customers with exceptional service.

Predict caller intent with agility, prescribe resolutions and fix issues proactively for memorable service experiences through call center, self-service channels, and direct.


15% Average
Holding Time


12% First
Call Resolution



Red Dot Award Winner
IDC Award Winner
Database Trends and Applications Award Winner