Cortex Sales Acceleration

Drive enhanced understanding of your insured based through intelligent segmentation, and drive conversion through intelligent lead gen and agent match capabilities.

Cortex Sales Acceleration for Insurance Companies

Finding the right leads and ensuring those leads are converted to customers is topmost in priorities for both agency led and direct insurers.  Insurers also strive to better understand their insureds for the purposes of risk segmentation, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.  CognitiveScale is working with leading insurers to transform their sales and marketing effectiveness through such intelligent capabilities.

Sales Acceleration Use Cases

Our sales acceleration use cases span focus on intelligent customer segmentation, intelligent lead generation and enhanced agent-lead matching.  Insurers are better able to structure their marketing programs due to enhanced segmentation and lead prioritization.  Agents are able to drive up their conversion rates due to intelligent prioritization and routing of leads.  The overall impact is enhanced conversion for agents and the carrier, increased agent satisfaction, and improved distribution efficiency.

Conversion Improvements via Personalization

CognitiveScale’s Profile of One is a 360-degree, temporal, longitudinal view of key entities (Insureds, Claims, Agents, Products). Profiles form a foundation for personalized insights and proactive interventions, so in the case of a customer profile, CognitiveScale can enable advanced analysis of customer against prior contact history (temporal analysis), all of a customer’ policies, various models (underwriting risk, fraud, etc.), or against rules engines (pricing algorithms, contact preferences).

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