Cortex AI Blueprints

Reusable and adaptable industry applications that allow AI developers to rapidly configure, train, deploy, and evolve high-value AI powered processes and personalized experiences.

Cortex Industry Blueprints are a family of Artificial Intelligence-powered, multi-channel Healthcare and Financial Services Applications that help businesses dramatically lower operational costs, increase sales and business agility, and reduce risk exposure. We have built a suite of AI-powered Industry Blueprints for use in Healthcare and Financial Services.

Blueprint Capabilities

  • Consumable through cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud
  • Deployment portability across hybrid and multi-clouds using Kubernetes containers 
  • Simplified integration through over 120 connectors and APIs
  • Omni-channel support via web, mobile, chat, telehealth interfaces
  • Built in Cortex Pulse API and dashboards API for IT, compliance, and business KPI visibility
  • Built-in synthetic data, pre-trained models, and simulations to help avoid “cold start” challenges with your AI and ML projects
  • Profile of One personalization engine for declared, observed, and inferred signals
  • Proven deployments and/or live simulations with demonstrable business value improvement 
  • Support for zero-trust security for the secure and transparent deployment of digital decisions within the business application
  • Powered by TrustSense dynamic data pipeline technology to help with data and model quality across fast-evolving AI-powered applications

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