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Maximize business value from AI
with the Cortex Platform.

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Streamline the AI development lifecycle and drive greater value, faster.

For Artificial Intelligence to have a transformative impact, it needs to be industrialized. That means putting aside the one-off solutions and establishing proven AI engineering practices — standardized building blocks, tools and processes that make it easier to drive value faster, and in a way that scales.

From connecting data and operationalizing models to maintenance, governance, and using feedback to improve, AI engineering enables seamless, end-to-end orchestration within the ecosystem it operates and across the enterprise.

With a cloud native platform and proven methodologies, CognitiveScale helps you streamline the AI lifecycle, so you can proactively develop intelligent systems, anticipating changing operational environments and ensuring trust, while maximizing return on your investment.

From pilot to production and beyond, industrialized AI delivers consistent, reliable outcomes.

True AI-driven digital transformation is the result of synergy across the entire AI lifecycle, from DataOps and ModelOps through DevOps, management, and monitoring.

Done well, it’s a team sport, with a wide representation of talent, and all the pieces in place to rapidly develop, deploy, control, and manage across multiple environments.

This is AI not in isolation, but alongside solid data management, maintenance, and governance for more consistent, more reliable outcomes.

So, how does it work?

Cortex sits between your existing data science platforms and the business apps you use every day — a single platform to integrate data, model and development pipelines. Source, compose, simulate, deploy and govern for optimal results.

That’s trusted AI for reliable insights and the ability to infuse a deeper layer of personalization into key business processes, all while promoting regulatory compliance and faster, more efficient automation.

By 2025, the 10% of enterprises who establish AI engineering best practices will generate at least 3x more value with their AI efforts than the 90% of enterprises who do not.

Gartner, 2021

Build and deploy on any cloud.

Empower citizen developers — AI Engineers, Data Engineers, MLOps and AIOps to build intelligent systems rapidly with a low code visual design environment that leverages existing data science and ML investments.

With a cloud native architecture, and a library of AI blueprints, Cortex simplifies development and deployment of AI campaigns.

Key enterprise benefits

  • Orchestrate any number of models to deploy AI Applications in record time.
  • Easy access to a library of AI blueprints to jumpstart development.
  • Avoid lengthy A/B testing by using synthetic data to simulate and validate results.
  • Design & track goal-driven apps aimed at business goals and KPIs.
  • Deliver cognitive interventions using automated learning and continuous feedback.

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Manage for performance and trust.

Get all you need to establish and manage a responsible AI based governance program for your enterprise. Monitor the quality of machine learning models using a consistent approach to detect, score and track trust factors.

Give cross functional teams what they need to manage a trusted AI lifecycle, reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

Key enterprise benefits

  • Save money by keeping investments in existing data, models and analytics platforms intact.
  • Standardize AI governance using a consistent toolchain, lifecycle and methodology, leveraging industry standards and best practices.
  • Protect your brand and reputation by detecting and mitigating bias.

Introducing Cortex Version 6!

A faster, more affordable way to connect data and AI models with trusted outcomes.

  • Convert any data, and any model into action for fast time to value.
  • Deliver predictive, proactive, and personalized recommendations for increased service.
  • Design & track goal-driven apps to unlock value from AI now, not later.
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Empower citizen developers to accelerate Trusted AI systems

Cortex Fabric is a low-code developer platform for automating development and control of Trusted AI Applications. It provides a visual unified programming and operating environment to radically simplify the development, deployment and management of transparent and trusted enterprise AI systems on any cloud.

Why Artificial Intelligence Engineering with Cortex?

Cortex offers a faster, more reliable way to connect data and AI models with trusted outcomes. Build, infuse trust, then configure, train, deploy, and evolve high-value AI processes and personalized experiences.

  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Data integration
  • Personalization
  • AI Model Integration and Orchestration
  • Goal-based AI with Simulation
  • Responsible AI and AI Governance Automation

Our customers experience:

70% cost savings to build an AI solution.

3x faster speed to realizing business value.

60% reduction in support and maintenance.

AI Engineering Case Study

CASE STUDY: $35 Million Cost Savings

AI Engineering and the Cortex Platform: Drive Improved Speed-to-Value

$35.5 million cost savings due to increased productivity. $9.6 million Cost reduction in cloud infrastructure.

The Cortex AI Platform enables clients to build, deploy, manage and realize value quickly.




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